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#131 Wild Kratts: Masked Bandits

As they prepare for a creature costume party, the Wild Kratts team begins to notice all sorts of strange things happening in the Tortuga HQ.  Jimmy is sure there is a ghost or monster living with them, but the Kratt brothers are convinced it’s some kind of creature.  When the gang sets out to discover who is causing all the trouble, they discover that certain animals gravitate towards human habitation because it provides food and protection from predators.

Animals Featured: Raccoon, Gray wolf

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Raccoon swimming, Wolves hunting raccoon.



When a miniaturized Chris gets covered with pollen and ends up sticking to a bee, he’s off into the remarkable world of the pollinators. Martin, Aviva, and the rest of the creature explorers must find Chris in an adventure that uncovers the amazing delivery system of plants and their animal partners.  They learn that plants use animals to help them make their seeds through a process called pollination.

Animals Featured: Honey bee, Spider, Wasp, Hummingbird

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Up-close views of pollinators pollinating flowers and even actual pollen grains; a crab spider attacking a bee.


#133 Wild Kratts: The Gecko Effect

There’s a mystery to be solved, as the Wild Kratts team wonders how a Gecko lizard climbs up smooth surfaces and can even climb upside down.  The gang uses their Miniaturizer to shrink down and discover it’s all about physics: all objects have electrical charges that attract one another and the gecko’s marvelous toe pad structure charges so much that they can  walk on surfaces as  smooth as glass.  But in the meantime Zach has stolen their Miniaturizer and now imprisons them in a glass terrarium. Martin and Chris activate the new Gecko Powers of their Creature Power Suits and must retrieve the Miniaturizer before Zach shrinks all the animals in the creature world.

Animals Featured: Tokay Gecko, Moon Rat, Conehead  Katydid

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: The geckos footpad in close up and in action climbing surfaces as smooth as glass,  Close-up of a gecko’s bizarrely shaped pupil, which enables the creature to see in full color even in low moonlight.


#134 Wild Kratts: Little Howler

Chris and Martin are unpacking from an adventure and are surprised when a Wolf pup pops out of their bags. They have no idea where the little guy came from and must retrace their steps in order to return him back to his pack.  They experience that  wolves are a very social animal with a close pack structure and frequent visual and audio communication among individual members.  With this knowledge and wolf-powered Creature Power Suits the bros are able to fend off a hungry cougar and finally return the pup to his wolf pack.

Animals Featured: Wolf, Cougar, Raven

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Wolf and Cougar face off


#135 Wild Kratts: Quillber’s Birthday Present

It’s Aviva’s birthday, and Chris and Martin decide to collect shed porcupine quills to make a beautiful necklace as a gift.  As they tag along with an African Crested Porcupine, they discover that animals have different ways and even some highly specialized features to defend themselves from predators.  For example, porcupine quills are modified hairs, designed by nature into a deadly defense.  The Kratt brothers must use this amazing defense to protect the porcupines from Zach’s latest animal collection scheme.

Animals Featured: African Crested porcupine, Lion

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: An African Crested Porcupine defending itself from a lioness.


#136 Wild Kratts: A Bat in the Brownies

When a little brown bat crashlands into a plate of Jimmy Z’s famous brownies,  Martin and Chris out set out to convince Aviva, Jimmy Z and Koki that bats are nothing to be afraid of.  With bat activated Creature Power Suits, the bros follow join their new friend on a nocturnal fly about, and the entire crew must come to the rescue when the bat colony’s roost is destroyed by a lightning bolt. In the end the Wild Kratts crew “goes batty,” as they gain a new appreciation for bat ecology, predators and insects and echolocation, and learn to love bats.

Animals Featured: Bats, Mosquitoes, Owl

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Little Brown Bats catching mosquitoes in flight. A screech owl chasing a bat.


#137 Wild Kratts: Stuck on Sharks

Martin and Chris are on a mission to uncover the secret life of the mysterious Great White Shark. They use Aviva’s incredible Remora Rocketsub to "stick with" a female shark and soon learn that the giant predator of the sea actually has lots of challenges to contend with and that she could help them discover something that no one has ever seen before - the birth of Great White shark pups. But when Gourmand sniffs around looking for ingredients for his Shark Fin Soup recipe, the Wild Kratts team must help rescue their new friend.

Animals Featured: Great White shark, Orca, Sea lion, Wrasse fish

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Orca attacking a Great White shark; Great White at a “cleaning station”


#138 Wild Kratts: Birds of a Feather

When Aviva reveals that dancing is just not her thing, Chris and Martin set out in the New Guinea forest to inspire her to give dancing a try by uncovering some of the greatest dancers in the creature world – the Birds of Paradise.  They soon find that the male birds use their showy bright feathers and extraordinary dances to display to potential female mates that they are healthy and strong.  But when the gang gets caught up in Donita’s plan to capture these fashionable birds for her latest clothing line, Aviva must put her dancing skills on the line to save them.

Animals Featured: Birds of Paradise

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: The amazing stage-building behavior and mating dance of rare species of birds of paradise.


#139 Wild Kratts: Googly-Eye: The Night Guru

The Kratt brothers secretly “borrow” Aviva’s half finished night vision goggles to go in search of a mysterious nocturnal creature.  But when the unstable goggles stop working, the brothers find themselves taken in by the nocturnal society of the tarsier. As they investigate, the Wild Kratts team discovers that nocturnal creatures only come out at night and learn that eyes help a creature see by collecting the light that comes from objects all around. But when the tarsier troop is in danger of losing one of their own, Chris and Martin must tap into their newfound understanding of nocturnal living and help the troubled tarsier family.

Animals Featured: Tarsier

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Tarsiers mobbing an Arboreal snake for defense.


#140 Wild Kratts: Raptor Roundup

Martin and Chris  challenge themselves to ID as many hawks, eagles, owls, falcons and vultures as they can.    But the evil endangered species chef, Gaston Gourmand has his own plan for the raptors and has been capturing them all in his quest to find the tastiest bird wing.  Will the Wild Kratts team succeed in rescuing the raptors before they become Gourmand’s next gourmet delicacy?  They’ll have to use everything they know about classification and birds of prey  - to round up the raptors and return them to where they belong – living free and in the wild!

Animals Featured: Owl, Hawk, Falcon, Eagle, Vulture

Never Before or Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: A secretary bird hunting the venomous black mamba snake.  

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